Partners & Goal Tracking


Mindbody is a online booking system Gravity Fitness use to make our clients experience as smooth as possible. Mindbody allows you book in advance so you can plan you sessions with ease. At a touch of a button you are booked in. You can see our gym schedule, what coaches are taking the class how many slots are available and many more options.


Myzone is a live, wearable heart rate system for clients to track their heart rate, calories and MEP’s (Myzone earning points) as they train either in the gym or out for a run. Myzonemoves have created a coloured system that gives you MEP’s (Myzone earning points) as you train so our coaches can gauge what effort is needed in any given a session. It also drives you on as a client to achieve your fitness goals.


Inbody composition analyser is a body composition scanning machine that sends an electrical impedance around your body calculating your body fat, muscle mass, water and protein content. In one minute we can have a full-body scan and result. ‘What are you made of’?

Gravity Fitness Partner Fit Foods

Fit Foods

We use Fit Foods by Dublin Meat Co. at Gravity Fitness. We believe in changing clients nutrition habits which in turn will improve their overall health, well-being and body composition. When you start making better food and life choices it can only help you on your fitness journey.

Team Buildr

Team Buildr is an online strength and conditioning software Gravity Fitness uses to design daily, weekly and monthly programs for their clients. The clients can log their weights as they train, use holiday programs through the app when abroad on holidays or with work, coaches can track how the clients are doing on a daily basis in the gym.