Sports Massage

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Sports Massage

Sports massage aims to reduce the risk of injury, enhance performance and speed up recovery for non-injured or injured sports people. Sports massage therapists at Gravity Fitness employ a number of techniques in their deep tissue treatment focusing on tight nodules, myofacial release, trigger point and positional release techniques to improve circulation and increase mobility within the body.

Through Sports massage Gareth aims to ease pain brought about by intensive training and keep muscles flexible and supple for forthcoming training and competition. It is an important aspect of many sports persons training to ensure muscles can recover and stay flexible and loose to cope with high-level activity. Top class athletes swear by it…. So should you…

How our treatments help:

Eases muscle soreness and pain

Helps muscles recover quicker

Improves elasticity and mobility

Helps with anxiety and stress

Reduced chance of Injury

Increased chance of improved performance