Nutrition Coaching

We cater for clients who want to lose weight and  body fat, grow lean muscle, gain muscle mass or improve sports performance through our Nutrition Coaching plan. Whatever your goals we can help you.

Improve your eating habits

Our main focus is on changing clients eating habits. Research shows people achieve greater body fat loss and longer term benefits when their eating habits have changed along with an improved diet. By changing your old daily habits which lead to bad food intake we reverse that with new habits which leads to good food intake.

Portion size with meals, speed of eating, increased water intake or having a breakfast are examples of habits we introduce into your life alongside a healthy food intake so you can achieve the results you want.

This is a long term solution with long term results. There is no short cuts in nutrition coaching.

Goals we can help with:

Research driven theory

Long lasting results

Change of eating habits

Daily nutrition advice

Monthly review

No short cuts in nutrition coaching

Long Term Results

At Gravity Fitness we want long term results while educating you on your journey to a healthier life. In our nutritional advice we also collect your weight, body fat % and measurements that are checked monthly so you have scores to beat next time around. Based on the information we collect, we design your nutritional coaching program to suit you, fixing your nutritional habits while keeping you focused and driven so you can change your life.

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