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Our 6 week transformation challenge will help you increase your overall health, not only will we help you burn fat and increase muscle and strength, it will also improve your sleep patterns and increase your energy levels, discovering your most confident you.  We’ve helped hundreds of people like you, transform their bodies time and time again, regardless of their fitness level.

GRAVITY FITNESS isn’t just a gym. We’re focused on helping you achieve your individual goals within a member captivated community, delivering an unmatched experience, helping you change your life starting with our 6 week transformation journey.

If you’re ready to enjoy a balanced lifestyle while burning fat, building muscle and strength, our 6 week transformatin challenge is for you.

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What our clients say

I started with Gravity Fitness on the 6 week transformation challenge and never looked back. The staff are very friendly and professional. If you’re looking for a gym where your fitness is a priority then this is the place to be. I have lost over 6% body fat while increasing my muscle mass, losing 7kg of body fat mass and dropping over 8kg in body weight altogether’.


The workouts are tough, and the results have been amazing. During this time, I have lost 3 kgs of fat and maintained my muscle mass.  I also started running, my mood and sleep patterns have improved and I feel excellent overall, I achieved more during this time than I have in years in other gyms’.


‘I signed up with Gravity Fitness after I injured my ankle and could not play football for  almost a year. Since training with Gareth and Gravity Fitness I’ve lost nearly 7 kilos as well as seeing a nice improvement in my body shape. The training at Gravity Fitness Gym is really enjoyable and I’d highly recommend Gareth and his team,’



Start your 6 week transformation with Gravity Fitness