My Zone Challenge ‘The Gravity Fitness Olympics’

My Zone Challenge ‘The Gravity Fitness Olympics’

1 Minute Recovery Test

 Our most recent my zone monthly challenge, “The Gravity Fitness Olympics” was one for the history books! Firstly, well done to all members who took part! What a brilliant display of hard work and effort by everyone involved. Our my zone monthly challenges allow us to maintain a strong sense of community spirit and healthy competition between us all in the gym, which is especially important for our well-being during these unprecedented times.

The first event in the Gravity Olympics was an aerobic fitness test on a Ski Erg in the gym, which took part at the beginning of our semi-private group training classes after a light warmup. The test was 11 minutes in duration and measured one’s ability to complete a “zone match” on my zone whereby the intensity of effort increased in equal increments throughout, thus challenging one’s ability to adjust their intensity and speed to match the required percentage heart rate zone (starting in the grey zone and working through to the yellow zone – 50% to 85% + of max HR overall). Well done to Jen Lawson, who took the gold medal in this event with the highest percentage zone match overall!

Team Challenge

The second and final event was the team relay. Coach Mike’s team (Team GOAT) versus Coach Conor’s team (Team Harmo Hotshots). Upon reflecting on this relay, we think it is safe to say that the standard for future team events has well and truly been set! Each team member was designated a day (leg of the relay) to earn as many MEPs as they could for their respective team before passing the virtual baton on their eagerly awaiting team member. On day 1, both Shane Hamill (Team GOAT) and Evan Taylor (Team Harmo Hotshots) hit over 450 MEPs. Once this happened, the competition took off and anything less that 500 MEPs simply wouldn’t cut it! A particular shoutout must go to Edel Costello (Team GOAT) and Rory Ryan (Team Harmo Hotshots) who went head to head for the final day of the challenge. They both put in a monstrous and gruelling shift! Exercising for up to 17 hours on the day, they both hit over 1700 MEPs… Team GOAT snuck the win in the end, but what a battle between the two teams over the 9 day relay period!

Fantastic work everyone. The sense of community and togetherness could really be felt throughout the Olympics more than ever around the gym and we would like to sincerely thank you all for your hard work and dedication in addition to your support throughout the last couple of months.

Already looking forward to the next challenge!!

By Michael O Driscoll