Gravity Fitness Pulls Together During Covid 19

Gravity Fitness Pulls Together During Covid 19

The Gravity Fitness Community Pulls Together…

Since the lockdown commenced in Ireland due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we have all had to pull together and go the extra mile where and when we can to provide support to our families, friends, and the broader community in which we are situated. While this unique period of our lives has proven itself to be incredibly challenging both physically and emotionally, it is true to say that the Gravity Fitness community has adapted and become even stronger whilst forging new connections and cultivating an even more profound sense of togetherness.

After being forced to close our doors, we regrouped as a coaching team and put our heads together to devise a strategy which would enable us to design and implement an online coaching platform to keep the show on the road and to continue on coaching to the best of our ability. We were very much aware of the importance of keeping the connection lines open within our community to ensure that our members felt supported and cared for. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our members for their fantastic support and for their dedication and energy towards their respective health and fitness throughout this time.

Online Coaching…

Upon creating an online coaching platform through the use of the Coach Catalyst software and the My Coach App, we have been able to continue coaching our members while running a weekly schedule of virtual live workouts on Zoom for both larger classes and semi-private group training. The My Coach App contains daily habits and lessons relating to topics surrounding health, fitness, nutrition, and general well-being which has enabled us to continue tracking our members’ progress and ensure that they are consistently learning and receiving education regarding good health and fitness practices.

Gravity Talks…

In recent weeks, we have a launched a new series called ‘Gravity Talks’. In this series, we aim to engage in informative conversations and discussions on our Instagram Live with coaches and experts from various fields within the health, fitness, nutrition, and high-performance sport industry. The first talk of the series concerned a discussion regarding mental and physical well-being in light of the Covid-19 lockdown between Coach Gar Rossi (owner of Gravity Fitness) and Coach Mike O’Driscoll (Gravity coach). Coach Mike recently finished a masters degree in Psychology and in his talk, he reviewed the psychology behind the emotional stress response in addition to providing some practical techniques such as ‘box breathing’ to mind our mental health at this time.

Our most recent chat on the series welcomed Nicholas Lalor (Gravity Fitness physiotherapist) into another discussion with Coach Gar (coach and sports therapist) in which they reviewed the topic of postural health. Gar and Nic have worked together with the Irish U20 rugby team and between them, they provided some fantastic information and insight regarding the implications of poor posture towards muscle and joint function and our overall health. In their talk, Gar & Nic talked about the correct set-up for good posture while working at a desk. Additionally, they demonstrated some practical movements and stretches which we can use regularly to care for our bodies and to combat any muscle pain or joint stiffness which may arise from spending a prolonged period of time in a seated position as we work from home.

Virtual Social Events…

Under usual circumstances, at Gravity Fitness, we normally organize and run four social events throughout the year which are opportunities for both members and staff within our community to catch up, chat, and have a laugh together. To keep that tradition alive, we have been running virtual get-togethers such as Zoom coffee mornings and quiz nights. Most recently, we held charity coffee morning and live workout in aid of the Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease (ISCC) in which Coach Gar has personal affiliation with. Thank you to all who donated and supported the cause! It is close to our hearts at Gravity.

Once Again, Thank You…

These are testing times. By staying connected and remaining in touch with our physical fitness, we are best placed to tackle whatever the day throws at us. We feel very lucky and are extremely grateful to be able to work with an amazing group of clients and we ensure you that your loyalty and dedication to Gravity Fitness does not go unnoticed. Each day, we are a step closer to being open again. A sense of ‘congruence’ can be felt most within our gym community at the present time. Congruence in this context relates to our values such as connectedness, patience, and empathy being lived out. These values are the underpinning strength, character, and cultural driving force behind success. So once again, thank you to all our members for contributing to our culture and for helping to keep the show on the road. We will come out of this stronger!


Thank you for reading and written by Michael O’Driscoll,


Yours in health,


The Gravity Fitness Team.