One Year on in Gravity Fitness (Conor Hogan)

One Year on in Gravity Fitness (Conor Hogan)

Back in June, I hit my 1-year anniversary in working here at Gravity Fitness. It has absolutely flown by, and so much has changed during that time! From the first day I walked in the door I knew this was completely different from the other places I’ve worked in. There’s a proper structure and rationale for everything that’s being done, with everything geared towards optimising clients results, value for money and overall enjoyment.

On a personal level, I have definitely grown as a coach and a person from being here. My skillset is increasing and this transfers across to ensuring every client that walks through the door is getting the best service. For the past year I have put an emphasis on developing a key interest of mine; nutrition. I have completed and gained a certification from Precision Nutrition as a nutrition coach. I hope to continue to learn, progress and advance in many other areas in the years to come. The staff here at Gravity Fitness are very hard working and will motivate you every day to improve. Along with our great clients, coming into work every day really is very easy!

While I have grown as a coach, the gym itself has advanced too. We are constantly upgrading everything we have in here to try optimise every second of the training session. With brand new equipment being purchased – such as Ski-Ergs, Assault Bikes and plenty of new medicine balls in both the front and back rooms. Along with the InBody analysis machine, which is an incredibly accurate machine that help clients see exactly where they are in terms of body fat percentage and muscle mass. The most recent purchase of the MyZone heart rate system has increased intensity levels further, no way of hiding during sessions anymore! The system really does push people to give that extra couple of percent and of course the leader board has brought out a bit of healthy competition in everyone including coaches! We can’t let ourselves be beaten by anyone!!

All-in-all, I genuinely couldn’t be happier to be here and wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else. Sure, why would I? When I have a genius boss, great co-workers and brilliant clients who you can have a laugh with every day? I hope the next 12 months are just as good as my first 12! And am looking forward to our next run (more MEPs!!) and next social night!

Thanks, Conor Hogan.