The importance of setting short and medium term fitness goals

The importance of setting short and medium term fitness goals

Everyone wants to get fit for a reason. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle or get healthy enough to run a marathon, everyone has their own motivation. At Gravity Fitness, we help our community members set short- and medium-term fitness goals that empower them to reach their ultimate milestones.

Why you should set short and medium term fitness goals

If you don’t set fitness goals, you’ll struggle to achieve what you want. But if you set realistic targets on a weekly and monthly basis, you’ll make progress. Why?

The physical reasons

While doing frequent exercise is an achievement in itself, setting goals regularly will encourage you to make continual progress and boost your overall health and fitness levels.

If you do the same exercises at the same intensity all the time, your body adjusts and gets used to them. Then, your heart rate won’t increase as much and the number of calories you burn will start to decrease.

For this reason, it’s important to regularly check in on your progress and reassess your goals. At Gravity Fitness, Gareth Rossi (owner) updates our monthly training programme every month to ensure they are constantly performing effective workouts.

The psychological reasons

Short and medium term fitness goals are also a big motivator for people. They prevent an ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ attitude and encourage consistent progress.

Because they are more attainable, setting specific short and medium term goals is also less daunting. Setting a realistic goal and achieving it also provides a boost and can positively impact your attitude toward exercise. Other psychological benefits of setting short terms fitness goals include:

  • Feelings of empowerment, pride and satisfaction
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased focus and drive

In turn, these things also encourage people to stick with their fitness plan. If someone does experience a setback, instead of giving up, they can quickly get back on track.

How we set goals

At Gravity Fitness, our coaches work with community members to regularly set goals and assess their progress. During first assessments, we screen each member’s mobility, flexibility and body composition. This provides us with a starting point.

From there, we help members set both weekly (short) and monthly (medium) goals. To ensure progress, we communicate with our clients on how they are doing and put them through the paces when in the gym and because nutrition coaching is essential to achieving your goals, we work on this with our members every week changing habits.

During our semi-private group training sessions, coaches monitor your progress on the gym floor. We also provide monthly assessments and track clients strength progress as well as fitness through our Myzone heart rate system.

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