Trick or Treat for Temple Street

Gravity Fitness Halloween

Trick or Treat for Temple Street

Thank you to everyone who participated in our classes and dressed up for Trick or treat for Temple
Street on Saturday the 30 th October. In total , with your help, we raised €525 for the children of
Temple Street. We (Rachel) thoroughly enjoyed entertaining you this Halloween and look forward to doing it
again next year! From all the team at Gravity, a big Thank you to all!

Here is a lovely written piece by our very own coach Rachel.

I carved a pumpkin, because it was the right thing to do. To see my sisters face light up , just like the
inside of our creation , it flooded with candlelight. Children howled like wolves in depths of night in
anticipation of the day of the dead. It was the night before Halloween, an adventure made for
children, although the optimists among us still volunteered to adorn themselves with paint and
blood and false Dracula teeth. Teenagers threw conquers at each other and collected for the bonfire,
it was controlled mischief and you could smell it in the air in the way of banger smoke. I’d think back
to when I dressed up in black waste bin sacks and skeletons painted on the front, teeth missing from
the smile that grew across my face in-between mouthfuls of jelly worms. It was Halloween. It was a
day for the children, and some were not able to enjoy that simple pleasure, some were being
entertained by ward nurses who could light up entire rooms with their smiles. I decided we could
try and help, to squeeze into adult sized skeleton skins, wear wigs and spook the crowd. One last
Our Clientele trickled in the doorway on a croaky Saturday morning, the day break before
Halloween. They whispered and yawned , I could hear them brimming with curiosity before the
lights went out. Flashing, one flash after the next the gym was plunged into darkness and back to
illumination, while I crawled from the depths of Halloween to entertain them all. In and out of
amusement, my face paint cracked from the 5 am start, I weaved my way through our supporters
who were tickled with the theatrics, at 7.00am no less. The excitement spread and while the lights
came on for good, the room erupted with child like Joy. It was Halloween in Gravity, and we did it all
for the kids.

Created and written by Rachel.